We'll Protect the Roof Over Your Bulverde, TX Home

We'll Protect the Roof Over Your Bulverde, TX Home

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You've noticed that your roof is missing a couple of shingles. Rather than climbing up on your roof and risking an injury, you can get a roof repair technician to do the dangerous work for you. RJ Quality Construction specializes in tile and asphalt shingle roof repairs and installations in the Bulverde, Texas area. However, our crew can repair most types of residential roofing systems.

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5 signs it's time for a roof replacement

We strive to find cost-effective roofing solutions for homeowners in the Bulverde, TX area. In many cases, a roof repair is all you need to get your roof back in top condition. However, there are situations when a roof replacement is more affordable than repairs. Consider installing a new roof at your home if:

  1. Your roof is more than 20 years old.
  2. Your wood roof decking is rotten.
  3. Your asphalt shingles are deteriorating.
  4. Your metal flashing is corroded or leaking.
  5. Your attic insulation is damp.
We'd be happy to discuss your roof installation options, including budget-friendly roofing materials and specific products. Call 210-415-0263 now to speak with an experienced roofing contractor at RJ Quality Construction.